July 9, 2016

Yes, it's been a while. A lot has happened, the internet has been spotty, and most importantly, America is currently a MESS. Being away from home while tragedy after tragedy occurs is difficult. You feel so deeply involved and so far removed at the same time. You feel helpless. Alas, I'm in China. I'm doing my best to stay informed, I'm praying for the victims, and checking on my loved ones as much as possible. "I love you, stay safe" means more now than ever before. But these are thoughts for a different forum. You can read all about my feelings on the current events in America here. I'm safer in China than I am in America, so...

June 23, 2016

In awesome news, I'm currently touring with Madagascar Live in China! There's no way to give you the full deets on everything that's happened here so far (cause ain't nobody got time for a 10 page post). I'll give you the quick version though:

We left NYC on a Saturday, took a 14 hour flight to Shanghai (I slept thru the whole thing) and arrived in Shanghai on Sunday night. Ya'll, tech started the very next morning. Exhaustion is an understatement. After just 3 days of teching this beast of a show, we opened on Thursday night to adorable Chinese kiddies and their overzealous parents. This show is the MOST fun!  The music is amazing, the choreography...

February 26, 2016


 Photo by Liz Lauren


Everyone's first question to me is always, "Don't you ever get tired of doing HAIRSPRAY?"

My answer is always no.


I am always so humbled and grateful to do one of my absolutely favorite shows. They say fourth time's a charm, right? Well that's not the saying, but whatever. The point is, HAIRSPRAY is a story that needs to be told again and again. More than anything, HAIRSPRAY is a story about love. A friend of mine used to say, when coaching my monologues, "Carlita, remember to find the love." Every single time I hear the first few chords of 'Good Morning Baltimore', I'm reminded to find the love in this amazing show....

February 3, 2016

Most people watch HAIRSPRAY and then wonder how it's possible for the actors to have ANY AMOUNT OF REMAINING ENERGY. After belting face and ponying 20 minutes straight to 'You Can't Stop the Beat' at the end of the show, it's hard to imagine doing the whole.show.again. 


But we do, and we love it! The thing is, the show is new to every audience and it's our job to make that second show equally fierce for them.


Let's walk thru a 2 show day:


SHOW 1: 3PM - 5:30PM

DINNER BREAK: 5:31PM (The very moment wigs and costumes come off)

The Paramount is awesome, and provides us with a catered dinner on Saturdays and Sundays. (Yay!) Since I plan my life ...

January 25, 2016

Take a room full of actors and add a ton of excitment, nerves, and adrenaline. You've got an opening night. Three weeks of  intense rehearsals all come down to one night!


I mean, sure you have the entire duration of the run to kill it in the show, but the goal is to NAIL IT on opening night. A lot of actors have their own opening night rituals, and some are created when you join a new cast. As for the ladies of HAIRSPRAY at Paramount Theatre, we like to get our blood pumping early in the game. In wig caps and show bras (or for me, no bra), we jog around the dressing room and prep our ponies so that 'You Can't Stop The Beat' will be e...

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