Dance Classes & Workshops for ALL ages! 

Safety Release Technique


Safety Release Technique (SRT) was created by BJ Sullivan, UNCG professor of dance. SRT is based on Bartenieff Fundamentals. The dancer uses the core to command buoyant, grounded movement and release the body safely in and out of the floor. 

SRT workshops begin with a series of floor-based sequences to warm-up the entire body and strengthen the core. Students will learn 'safety foot' and how to skillfully move (jump, fall)  from the floor to standing and vice versa. Center and across the floor work present a focus on flexibility of the spine, dynamism between fall and recovery, breath, and core strength. 

Suggested: Wear a light, long-sleeved shirt, knee pads and pants 



West African dance combines body, mind and spirit in an energetic fusion of the music, dance and oral traditions of the people of West Africa.  Workshops are either traditional or contemporary. This style combines polyrhythm and total body articulation. It's an active, exciting rhythmic dance experience designed for anyone who loves to sweat! 

Suggested: Wear a lappa and gele, and bare feet 

*Live Drumming optional*

West African 



Come dance, sweat, and be inspired! Afro-Modern is blend of various dance

forms that include West African, Jazz, Modern (Limón, Horton), Orisha, Haitian and Reggae.

Together they are all combined into a rootsy, eclectic dance style that's good
for the soul and the dance floor.  Class begins with a basic warm-up to stretch and tone the
body, followed by fun and energetic movements which strengthen technique. 

Suggested: Bare feet 




​Musical Theatre
Hip Hop
Special Needs
Basic Gymnastics

Past Residencies and Workshops

Lava Ridge Intermediate, Santa Clara, UT
Dixie High School, St. George, UT
Ocracoke Arts Festival, Ocracoke, NC
Elon University, Elon, NC
Royal Expressions Studio, Greensboro, NC
The Dalton School, Upper East Side, NY
P.S. 198, Bronx, NY
Academy for Young Writers, Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY
Enloe High School, Raleigh, NC
Penn-Griffin School of the Arts, High Point, NC
Graham High School, Graham, NC
Reynolds High School, Winston-Salem, NC

Clubs in the City, Raleigh, NC

The ArtsCenter, Carrboro, NC
Mount Tabor High School, Winston-Salem, NC
Eastern Guildford High School, NC
East Forsyth High School, Winston- Salem, NC
West Forsyth High School, Clemmons, NC
Reynolds High School, Winston-Salem, NC
Parkland Magnet High School, Winston- Salem, NC
Bronx Academy of Letters, Bronx, NY
Montclair High School, Montclair, NJ

The Green School, Brooklyn, NY

and more...

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