MadLive in CHINA! *Shanghai*

June 23, 2016



In awesome news, I'm currently touring with Madagascar Live in China! There's no way to give you the full deets on everything that's happened here so far (cause ain't nobody got time for a 10 page post). I'll give you the quick version though:


We left NYC on a Saturday, took a 14 hour flight to Shanghai (I slept thru the whole thing) and arrived in Shanghai on Sunday night. Ya'll, tech started the very next morning. Exhaustion is an understatement. After just 3 days of teching this beast of a show, we opened on Thursday night to adorable Chinese kiddies and their overzealous parents. This show is the MOST fun!  The music is amazing, the choreography is lit, and the writing is hilarious! Can't complain. 


So let's get to the good stuff. Everyone's question is "How's China?"


-Well it's hot ya'll, but I won't complain about that. Better hot than cold, I say. Everyone else says I'm anemic. Since when is it a problem to keep the heat on all winter??


- The bathrooms here have squat-a-potties. You literally squat to use the bathroom. #1 or #2. 

God forbid your quads aren't strong enough to handle a sensible squat. You'll be in the toilet hole for sure.  Thankfully there's always at least 1 regular toilet as well. #PraiseHim! 


- I know 2 Mandarin words so far

1. Ni hao = Hello

2. Xie Xie = Thank you's going well. 


After opening week, we had our long awaited day off. There are times in my life when I feel like sleeping past 9am is a sin, and other times -- like now-- where I feel like sleeping until at least 1pm is incredibly necessary. The day off went like this: 

A group of us headed out to the Fabric Market, where you can actually bring in your favorite item of clothing and the seamstresses will re-create it for you with any fabric, any other, and cater it exactly to your body. Ya'll, it's a dream. 


In a mall I'd never enter in the states (cause I'm too poor), We discovered some of the best Thai food I've had. Either that or I was REALLY hungry. No, I didn't take a picture of the food. A) I was waaay too hungry. B) That's stupid. 




I'm gonna keep it real with ya'll. I don't know what any of these buildings are, but I know they're pretty. Yay Shanghai! 



More adventures coming soon! 

Love & Light,




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* A little update about my comedy videos. Since I'm abroad right now, I'm on a brief hiatus from videos. But as soon as I'm back it's time for more fun shoots! Get ready!

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MadLive in CHINA! *Shanghai*

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