"So, What's Opening Night Like?"

January 25, 2016

Take a room full of actors and add a ton of excitment, nerves, and adrenaline. You've got an opening night. Three weeks of  intense rehearsals all come down to one night!


I mean, sure you have the entire duration of the run to kill it in the show, but the goal is to NAIL IT on opening night. A lot of actors have their own opening night rituals, and some are created when you join a new cast. As for the ladies of HAIRSPRAY at Paramount Theatre, we like to get our blood pumping early in the game. In wig caps and show bras (or for me, no bra), we jog around the dressing room and prep our ponies so that 'You Can't Stop The Beat' will be effortless. 


Just kidding. By the end of 'Beat' we can barely breathe. Seriously. 


After you belt for your life and sweat your face off, it's time to PARTY! I have never witnessed running off of a stage like I did on opening night. As soon as that last beat dropped, wigs flew off, costumes hit the floor (just kidding, we hung them up because we want to keep our jobs),  and it was time for a full transformation into sexy fierceness! 


So, how'd I do? 


 I gotta say, our cast/team is HOT! 

And it's fun night of eating, drinking and selfies until you remember that your FEET HURT and you've BEEN WEARING HEELS ALL NIGHT. Let me stop trying to be cute and put on some flats ASAPtually! 



Everyone likes to be celebrated.  That night we celebrated our amazing cast, crew, creative team, and orchestra. Then, we SLEPT. 




I couldn't be more grateful.


Love & Light,





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