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caring, competent & collaborative

      In my teaching, I am committed to being a caring, competent, and collaborative professional. I strongly believe that all students have the potential to move beautifully, and can be completely fulfilled in that experience. I strive to produce unique, creative, technically competent dancers. To reach this goal, I make every effort to engage my students in thinking critically about movement.

      Caring about my students and my profession has proved to be a vital part of success in dance education. Understanding how students differ in learning approaches is important because of my desire for students to be successful in my class. I demonstrate this understanding through my willingness to adapt my teaching methods according to my students.

       My competence is demonstrated through my dance education, performance and choreography experiences. My teaching style combines athleticism, breathing techniques, and ethnic dance forms to create a unique form of movement.  In addition, I use Brain Compatible Dance Education (created by Anne Green Gilbert) as my method of teaching. I find that this concept-based approach allows students to learn the elements and principles of dance through a variety of learning processes such as perceiving, understanding, doing, creating, and valuing.

       My willingness to collaborate with other professionals, peers, and even students is evident in my work. Allowing my students to take an active role in choreography is necessary for the ultimate goal of maintaining interest and learning from each task.

        Above all things, my passion for dance is revealed in my teaching, which further inspires my students to take pride in their performance and choreography. My teaching style is energetic, uplifting and positive as I find that my students are more likely to feel comfortable performing under these circumstances.

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